Morrow Home Foundation


Officially formed in 1988, the Morrow Home Foundation is committed to helping promote and to financially support the needs of Morrow Home Community. Furthering quality health care in our community is our focus.

All gifts, bequests and estates intended for the Home will be administered by the Morrow Home Foundation. This practice was designed to clearly differentiate gift income from operational income used in managing the daily operations of the Home.

The Foundation promotes programs and projects which enhance Morrow Home Community or have a positive impact on the elderly in our community. The Elsa Turner Bootstrap Program, chapel renovation and Morrow Home Building programs have been the largest projects supported by the Foundation to date. Other projects supported in last eight years include:

  • Activity Programs
  • Covered patio
  • Aviary
  • Hallway decorations
  • Mechanical Lifts
  • Pressure relieving mattresses
  • Parkview Apartment Furnishings
  • Blanket and Towel Warming Cabinet
  • High School Health Career Scholarships
  • Broda Chairs
  • iPads

The Elsie Turner Bootstrapping Program enables employees at Morrow Home Community to pursue a health-care profession by providing financial assistance for their educational costs. The employee agrees to be employed at Morrow Home in their new professional capacity one year for each $2,000 of financial assistance they receive. This program helps build and maintain professional staff at Morrow Home as well as assisting the employees in advancing into health professional careers. Your gifts to this program will be a good investment for our staff who care for our residents.

Morrow Home Community is always growing and improving its facilities to meet the ever-changing needs of the community’s aging population. The Foundation has provided over $650,000 in financial assistance toward the following projects:

  • 1993 Nursing Home addition (55 new beds)
  • 1994 Homestead Apartments renovation (24 apartments)
  • Parkview Apartments (22 apartments)
  • Marycrest Apartments Assisted Living (24 apartments)
  • Bridgepath Apartments Advanced Assisted Living (28 suites)
  • 2012 Meissner Transitional Rehabilitaion Unit (11 suites)
  • Total amount of gifts to the Home equal over $650,000

Morrow Home and its Foundation are committed to providing quality, Christian care to the aged and handicapped of our community. Your gifts will help us continue this grand tradition that began in 1917. You may designate your donation to go toward specific projects of your choice.

Our residents and employees thank you for your support.

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