Contact Staff

Name Position Contact
Pete Foss Board of Directors, President  
Dan Meyer CEO, Morrow Home Campus
608-269-3168 x6222
Jen Brieske Nursing Home Administrator
608-269-3168 x6266
Nikki Sund Finance Director, Campus
608-269-3168 x6256
Lawrence Schmitz, LPN Director of Adult Living Services
608-269-3168 x6288
Lana Ross Billing, Adult Living Services
608-269-3168 x6245
Justine Ostrem Social Services Director/Nursing Home Admission
608-269-3168 x6241
Whitney Page Housing Coordinator for Adult Living Services
608-269-3168 x6293
Jessica Wallace-Bialecki Social Services/Nursing Home Admission
608-269-3168 x6267
Cheryl Isensee Executive Assistant
608-269-6202 x6202
Sara Tully Human Resources Manager
608-269-3168 x6210
Lindsey Taylor Recreation Therapy/Volunteer Coordinator
608-269-3168 x6235
Mallory York Director of Nursing, Nursing Home
608-269-3168 x6249
Dan Hesse Plant Operations Maintenance
608-269-3168 x6275
Eileen Ripley Resident Services Environmental, Nursing Home
608-269-3168 x6255
Lindsay Johnson Director of Culinary Services/Registered Dietician/Meals in Motion
608-269-3168 x6276
Kelsey Semann Culinary Services Assistant Director
608-269-3168 x6229
Hilary Wolf Health Information Services, Nursing Home
608-269-3168 x6240
Emily Bouzek Staff Development/Infection Control
608-269-3168 x6236
Dr. Loepfe Medical Director, Campus
Health Direct/Consulting Pharmacist Nursing Home
Edie Habhegger Mary Morrow’s Attic 608-269-1047

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