Culinary Services

culinaryMorrow Home Culinary Services believes good food and good nutrition are very important parts of our residents lives. We strive to make our food as much like they had at home as possible. We still cook and bake the majority of our foods from scratch, and encourage our residents to bring in favorite recipes for us to use. We have considerable experience serving the elderly. Many of our culinary service employees have 10+ years of experience. We have great success following individual likes, dislikes and usual meal plans as much as possible.

Following is a list of some of the services we provide for our residents:

1. Nutritional Assessment and ongoing nutritional care and counseling under the direction of our Consultant Registered Dietitian.
2. Liberalized Therapeutic Diets, so that even those residents who need specialized diets, do not have to be on such a strict diet. Also, diets are structured to meet the individual dietary needs of each resident.
3. Two free guests on the day of a resident’s birthday and also on the day they move in.
4. Coffee and snacks are available to all residents and their visitors throughout the day in the Nursing Home. We also have a snack cart, which comes out to each floor in the afternoons.

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