Testimonials – Parkview

Independent Living – Parkview Apartments


“I chose to move to Parkview because I felt it was time to leave my eleven room home before “stuff paralysis” completely took over.  With the help of my children, it was an easy transition.  I love the noon meal and seeing others each day.  I also don’t have to worry about shoveling and lawn upkeep.  These apartments were built with older people in mind-with many conveniences.”
Avis Quackenbush, Parkview Resident since July 2010.

“I’ve been at Parkview ever since it opened & the place still seems like new. The people here are friendly & staff is very good at providing fun activities so we have times to be together. Knowing there is a noon meal served everyday is appreciated. I very much like it here at Parkview Apartments!
Irene Raimer, Parkview Resident since July, 2001


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