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admissioninfoThank you for your interest in Morrow Memorial Home. Morrow Memorial Home does not discriminate for admissions based on a resident’s pay status, (i.e. Medical Assistance, Medicare, Third-Party Insurance, or Private Pay.), race, color, religious creed, nationality, marital status or gender. Below is our process for admission to our Home.

All individuals who are interested in placement at Morrow Home must first complete the Admission Application [PDF]. Please return the completed application to the admission services at Social Services Department.  Individuals desiring placement will not have their name added to either waiting list until their Admission Application has been completed with the waiting list preference specified. We will help you complete the application.

The Morrow Home skilled nursing facility maintains two waiting lists. The Active Waiting List is for individuals who wish to enter the Morrow Home as a room becomes available. These individuals may choose to refuse the room, but by doing so they will be moved to the bottom of the list. After being called three times and subsequently refusing the room offered, the individual will be moved to the Inactive Waiting List.

The Inactive Waiting List is for those who plan to enter the Morrow Home when they have a need, usually at a future date. These individuals are not called when a bed is available. When ready to enter the Morrow Home, the applicant is then responsible for notifying the Social Services Department. The prospective resident\’s name will be moved to the end of the Active Waiting List.

When a room/bed become available, first priority is given to current residents from the Morrow Home Apartments (Homestead and Parkview) who are in need of skilled nursing care. The following priorities will then be applied to those on the Active Waiting List:

1. Individuals in a hospital who are waiting skilled nursing care.
2. Individuals at home who are awaiting skilled nursing care.
3. Individuals in need of intermediate care, prioritizing the same at #1 and #2.
4. Individuals in another care facility who are waiting skilled or intermediate nursing care.

Employees, former employees, Board members, former Board members, current residents, and former residents have priority of admission to Morrow Home over any other individual in the same criteria need area as identified by numbers one through four. This is a courtesy given to individuals who have contributed their service to Morrow Memorial Home for one year or more as an employee or Board member, or who are currently living in our apartments.

Please contact Morrow Home’s admission services in the Social Services Department if you have further questions regarding nursing home admission. Tours are available Monday through Friday or at other times by appointment. Please call ahead at (608) 269-3168 for a personal appointment and tour based upon your needs. You can also e-mail Lindsay Weibel in Admissions.

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